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New Author Tips -- Book Promoting


Promoting Book


Some good places to promote your book:


      -bookstores -- book signings

       -readings at the Library or at schools (colleges/universities)


       -arts and book fairs

       -coffee shops



First make a Media Kit for your book


     Media Kit should include the following:


     Author Bio

     Synopsis of Book

     Press Release

     Picture of Book Cover


     Product information


     Business card



Asking for a book signing



-meet store manager with a book in hand and your Media Kit

-introduce yourself; explain you are a local author and you would love to arrange a book signing in his/her store. ---make a point of selling yourself to  the bookstore.

-once store has agreed, make sure it is properly advertised

-make certain bookstore orders enough copies for the event

-ask them to display the books near the registers for the week preceding the event

-write press releases and send them to local radio, TV stations, newspapers and newsletters.

-be sure to follow up the press release w/a phone call; talk it up, sell yourself, make certain someone is looking at  it.

-create flyers or poster for the event.  Ask bookstores to display them in the store

-if the store posts a schedule of events, make sure you are on it.
-at the event, have a prop (poster or stand up of your book’s cover)

-when all is done, make friends with the people in the bookstores