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Why Writing is so Important

 It's always been important for professionals and academics to use proper grammar and communicate well, but now, it's increasingly important for more people to have good writing skills.

The reasons for that are many, but the two main forces in play are the Internet and a highly competitive job market. Though some see the rise of digital media as the death of writing, the Internet actually makes unprecedented use of text. Newspapers were, of course, written in type, but they didn't allow for the reader interaction that news websites have. And though a resume and cover letter have long been staples of a job search, the ability to make your application packet stand out is a major step in even being considered for a position.

Writing in the Workplace

Not only is writing an important academic skill, but it is also an important skill that translates into any career field.  Nearly all professions require some form of writing on the job.  For example, doctors and nurses write medical reports on patients; accountants and business managers create financial reports; engineers and software technicians write instructional sheets and user manuals; nearly every worker in all business fields composes emails and other forms of written communication for customers, clients, and co-workers.  Ultimately, the number of job tasks that require writing is countless.  Since writing is used in all fields and jobs, it is a skill that all students and workers should learn and become better doing it.

Writing also does the following:

  • expresses who you are as a person. 
  • equips you with the communication and thinking skills you need to participate effectively. 
  • helps you collect your thoughts
  • is portable and permanent; it makes your thinking visible.